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it has a gold rating a lot of game's in it like c&c united and at one point it had games like dark valley and starcraft kingston: As I said, I'm sure it's not that. bubbasaures, also, the uefi boot has failed, i tried various things, but nothing has worked bubbasaures, I tried the options on the page, but no dice kingston: you sure it isn't? Ben64, i'm pretty sure, I never had this issue with windows i dunno then Is it possible to install the non-free nvidia drivers with XMir on 14.10? kingston: and you're positive it wasn't a hardware issue? it could've been a defective drive or power supply unit Ben64: Fdisk shows a lot of free space in the partition sda2 ( linux, ext4, 37.5 gb) kingston: You have an ssd and a efi? kingston: by the way, 32 bit lubuntu is the very last way to go counsellor, actually, my ubuntu and windows run fine counsellor, I agree jirido: something with the partition, but can you get to a shell? counsellor, im just having some probs getting it to boot but fdisk shows nothing wrong. counsellor: On a pcs hardware bug gets missed sometimes. counsellor, and when i do run it, there's some weird graphical issue counsellor, so im wondering if its something to do with the linux drivers kingston: sure it has nothing to do with your motherboard? counsellor, because there's no option for legacy support Ben64: fdisk -l in live session sees has a lot of free space but no error..hmm..




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Popcap Games Free Download On Pc

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